There is a popular sentiment going around these days among Christians. On the surface, it seems that the people holding to this sentiment are humble, peacemakers, and modest. It seems like the sentiment they hold is one that is good, and would lead to a greater good. It is this: “I can’t stand fights over doctrine. Let’s put all that aside and come together in unity.”
Awww. NOT. See, doctrine is getting a bad rap these days. They make it out to be a dirty word. These days I hear, “Oh, I don’t go in for all that doctrine“. “Doctrinal fights are so messy, and so counter-productive.” “Let’s put aside doctrine and worship in unity.” “I don’t play the doctrine game.”
It is a devastating sentiment. It is false in the extreme. Those who hold this sentiment are not modest, humble, or peacemakers, but rather are enemies of God…

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