I have seen this study quoted more than once. It does make some interesting points. Thoughts?

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Ah, the terrible twos: in between those heart-warming moments of wonder and devotion are those tantrums over having to put socks on that define this year of development. But the latest research shows that if those outbursts continue past the terrible twos, they may be a sign of poorly developed language skills.

In a new study published in the journal Child Development, researchers draw links between communication skills that kids develop as toddlers and the emotional development that occurs during early childhood. The findings suggest that language and vocabulary at the earliest ages may lay a foundation for emotional regulation among children as they enter preschool and beyond.

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Psychologists at Penn State followed 120 young children, first surveyed as toddlers at 18 months, and then visited or interviewed them every six months until just after their fourth birthdays…

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