12 Things That Usually Accompany a Self-Righteous Spirit

From Pew to Practice

On Sunday I was given the privilege of filling the pulpit while our senior pastor went camping with some of his boys.  Each time I get an opportunity to preach at Calvary Bible Church, I take the next passage in the Sermon on the Mount, and this past week had me in Matthew 7:1-6: the “judge not, lest ye be judged” passage.

While this text is often used as a death blow defense against someone’s moral judgment on our lives, it is obvious from the context that Jesus spoke these words as a weapon not to protect our self-righteousness, but rather to attack it.

One point of the sermon was meant to help us determine when we have a self-righteous spirit, so we can take that sin to the cross, remember that it’s forgiven and lean on God for the grace to repent.  To help us with this exposure…

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