Sherri Siegel, M.A. Professional Counseling

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Professional Disclosure Statement:


  • Sherri Siegel, Master of Arts, Professional Counseling, 2011 by Liberty University
  • Masters degree and several years of supervised clinical work experience.
  • Trained to diagnose and provide individual and group counseling.
  • Involved in the field of therapy either as a volunteer or professionally for over 20 years.
  • Specialized training and experience with Anxiety, Depression, ADD/ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders Adoptive Issues, Christian and Biblical Counseling.
  • Accreditated in Triple P International Positive Parenting Program

I began my career in psychotherapy by providing pre-marital couples with therapy prior to their wedding. I then began working with agencies providing therapeutic interventions and support for individuals with diagnosis ranging from depression to schizophrenia to dual diagnosed. I also have training and experience in premarital therapy, marriage therapy, family therapy, adoption issues, Christian and Biblical Counseling.

Counseling Services Offered/Theoretical Approaches
Psychotherapy is a process that involves active participation by the client as well as the counselor. If at any time, either person believes that they are not getting the results that they discussed previously with the counselor, the client and counselor will pause work and reassess the progress of the therapy.

In order for counseling to be effective, you must be actively involved in the process from the beginning. This will not be easy and could be emotionally painful at times. However, if you are committed to learning how to change negative patterns of thoughts and behaviors you will see success. You may be assigned things to do in between sessions that will further your progress. It will take time to see the results from your sessions with me. Before we begin work we will discuss a point of time, such as 1 month, 2 months or three months to assess progress.

In general, I use an eclectic approach. Theoretically, I base most interventions on cognitive behavioral therapy. However, I am well versed in other theories and techniques and will modify my approach to fit each client and their unique situation. I commonly use reality therapy, transactional analysis, motivational interviewing as well as several other well researched and proven behavioral therapy approaches.

I provide therapeutic services to all individuals with general mental health issues, marital and family relationship issues. I am also an autism and ADHD consultant with specialized training and experience with children and parents. For all special needs families, I offer therapeutic services for the individual or entire family. I am also trained and have experience with adoptive families. I refer clients that are out of my scope of practice to other mental health professionals where appropriate.

Length of Sessions
Most sessions are 50 minutes in length. However, longer sessions can be scheduled in advanced. If you are not able to make it to our session at the scheduled, please give at least 24 hours notice, if not you may not be able to be rescheduled that week. Attending all of your regularly scheduled sessions will provide the most benefit for you. Your time and mine are both valuable. Therefore I ask that you are on time or early for your sessions and I will be available to you at your scheduled time as this time as been reserved for you. If you are late, I may only be able to see you for the time that is remaining of your scheduled time.

Please contact me personally to request a copy of my fee and payment schedules.

The most cases the information shared with me will not be released to anyone without your written permission. The privacy and confidentiality of our sessions, as well as your records, is your right and is protected by state law as well as the ethical principles in all but a few circumstances. There are three primary circumstances in which I cannot guarantee confidentiality, legally or ethically: (1) when it is determined that you intend to harm yourself or another person; (2) when it is determined that a child or elderly person has been, or will be, abused or neglected; and (3) in rare circumstances, mental health professionals can be ordered by a judge to release information. In the case of a court order, I have no choice and must comply with the order.

If you are dissatisfied with any aspect of your work, please inform me immediately. This will make our work together more efficient and effective.


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